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quick introduction

Hello! I'm Jan (pron. "Yahn"--it's a Dutch handmedown from generations of New York State forebears). I lived in London as a student in the mid-1980s and I've visited the UK a few times since then. I just got back from a week touring in Scotland, and I'm trying to deal with the realization that there's really nothing I want to do so much as move to the UK (Scotland for choice) and that for a variety of reasons I'm at a point in my life where I can actually make that choice.

Of course, making the choice and actually being able to do it are miles apart. A friend of mine recently moved to England, but she had the supreme advantage of having a lovely English chap who she was getting married to. I've talked to an OISC-accredited advisor, and he's putting together some options for me, but this doesn't look like it will be easy. One option would be getting a master's degree at a Scottish uni and then taking advantage of the Fresh Talent scheme to work for a couple more years, hopefully wangling indefinite leave to remain at some point.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi. If anyone has pointers or words of encouragement, I'm all ears. :-)
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